Oxford-style Debate &
Networking Evening

16 October 2018, Gdansk, Poland, 17:30-19:30

Sufficient hydro resources make Caspian, Latin America, Central Asia and the Balkans regions the most promising emerging hydropower markets. While the industry in these regions offers great opportunities, it also comes with complex challenges and risks that vary significantly depending on region, country, type and scale of projects.

Explore the opportunities of working in hydropower industry in Caspian and Central Asia, Latin America and the Balkans


Øystein Lilleland

Head of Global Market,
Norconsult AS


Ajay Chaudhary

Hydropower Account Leader,
Mott MacDonald


Tirunas Dainius

Senior Project Manager,
AF Consult

This house believes that new hydropower hot spots are not in Central Europe.

During the debate you will:

  • Get the updates on the world’s emerging hydropower hot spots
  • Equip yourself with the information about flagship investment projects in Caspian, Central Asia, Latin America and the Balkans
  • Discuss the most significant issues, challenges and risk in hydropower industry of these regions
  • Explore the opportunities and prospects to gain a tangible advantage for your company to work in these new emerging markets

Oxford-style Debate & Networking evening

The Oxford-style debate will be followed by cocktail reception, when guests will continue discussing the perspectives of Hydropower market, finding new contacts and strengthening the existing business ties in the informal situation.

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