RusHydro and Uzbekgidroenergo approved the feasibility study of Pskem HPP

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RusHydro and Uzbekgidroenergo held a meeting devoted to design of Pskem HPP in Uzbekistan. RusHydro announced it on 22 November 2019.

The experts of design institutions and water engineering experts considered the presented feasibility study of the plant and discussed the proposals aimed at improvement of the HPP structure, and issues related to improvement of reliability and efficiency of its operation. Following the results of the meeting, a decision was made to consider the proposals and offers for the further design of the plant.

The agreement on participation of experts from engineering design bodies of RusHydro – Hydroproject Institute, Lengidroproject and VNIIG im. B.E. Vedeneev – to prepare engineering design of Pskem HPP was fixed in the memo of understanding and cooperation in the field of hydropower signed in December 2017 between RusHydro and Uzbekgidroenergo.

Pskem Hydroelectric Plant was built in Uzbekistan on the mountain river Pskem (basin of Syrdaria) in the Bostanlyksky district of the Tashkent region. The erection of the plant is one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the Сentral Asia. Hydropower is Uzbekistan´s core focus, the country has approved a programme for its development for 2017-2021. The nameplate capacity of Pskem HPP is 400 MW, average annual power generation is 958,5 million kWh. Pskem HPP will be Uzbekistan’s second HPP in terms of capacity after Charvak HPP.

The project provides for the construction of a 195m-high dam, which will be the highest in Uzbekistan and one the highest in the Central Asia. The construction of Pskem HPP is of crucial importance for improving the reliability and efficiency of the power system of Uzbekistan. Once the HPP is brought online, the volume of highly mobile regulation power will grow 1,5-fold, over 290 million m3/y of gas will be saved. Besides, Pskem HPP will have great hydro-economic value for the country and will supply water for the agriculture sector. Uzbekistan is now dependent on Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, which control the main Central Asian water flows.

The construction of Pskem HPP was scheduled to start in late 1980, but due to collapse of the USSR, there had been no donors and due to those economic reasons, the project was put on standby.

Uzbekgidroenergo is developing the Pskem HPP project. This is a state-owned company which unites all hydroelectric plants of Uzbekistan.

Overall project cost will exceed 800 million US dollars the greater portion of which will be invested by Uzbekistan. 249 million US dollars are planned to be attracted from the Chinese Eximbank.



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