Uzbekistan plans to double hydropower plant’s capacity

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Uzbekhydroenergo JSC is working on a concept for the development of hydropower, according to which it is planned to double the installed capacity of hydropower plants (HPP) by 2030, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Uzbekhydroenergo Bekzod Amirsaidov told Trend in an interview.

Earlier Trend reported that an active construction of micro hydroelectric power stations is underway in Uzbekistan.

Amirsaidov named the main benefits of the construction of micro-hydroelectric power stations.

“This is to ensure a stable electricity supply in rural areas and alternative sources of power supply during outages or a decrease in the capacity of the existing energy system. Micro-hydro also contributes to the development of rural regions as the main consumer of electricity and a developed system of artificial and natural watercourses with parameters suitable for the construction of micro-hydro,” he said.

Amirsaidov also added that the possibility of building without withdrawing the land fund and damage to agriculture is another advantage of micro hydroelectric power stations.

“The main difficulties in the development of hydropower in Uzbekistan are the long payback period of projects; high cost of hydraulic equipment; high construction costs; operation of some hydroelectric power stations in irrigation mode,” Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC Uzbekhydroenergo noted.

Amirsaidov also stressed that according to the adopted laws, in order to create favorable conditions for renewable energy producers, the following state support will be provided:

– The establishment of tax, customs and other benefits and preferences in the field of the use of renewable energy sources;

– assistance in the creation and application of innovative technologies in the field of the use of renewable energy sources;

– ensuring a guaranteed connection to a unified electric power system of renewable energy sources;

– Granting the right to enterprises of territorial electric networks, in agreement with a single purchaser of electric energy and local government bodies, to conclude contracts for the purchase of electric energy from energy producers from renewable energy sources.

Finally, he added that hydropower is an alternative source of energy, but today it cannot cover all the demand for electricity in Uzbekistan.



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