Onsite visit to Rogun HPP

About the project

Rogun HPP is a hydropower plant under construction on the river Vakhsh. It is part of the Vakhsh cascade and with an installed capacity of 3600 MW it is considered the largest HPP in the Central Asia. The HPP facility will include six hydropower generating units 600 MW each with radial-axial turbines. Average annual power generation will exceed 17bn kWh.

The dam with a height of 335 meters will be the highest rockfill dam in the world. It forms the Rogun reservoir with a total volume of 13,3 кm³ and a useful volume of 10,3 кm³. Rogun HPP is planned to be used for multiple purposes, including for power generation, water regulation, mitigation of flood and drought hazards.

Onsite visit to Nurek HPP, Barqi Tojik

About the project

Nurek HPP is a hydropower plant in the vicinity of the Nurek city, Khatlon region, Tajikistan, on the river Vakhsh. This is the largest power plant of Tajikistan, and the most powerful one in the Middle East. It is part of the Vakhsh cascade, its second step. The dam of Nurek HPP with a height of 300 meters was considered the highest globally, and since 2013 it is the 2nd highest in the world. An installed capacity of the power plant is 3000 MW, actual capacity is 2320 MW; nameplate average annual power generation is 11,200 million kWh.

Phase 1 of Nurek HPP rehabilitation started in March 2019. The modernisation process is planned to be 2-phased. Within Phase 1, by 2023, it is planned to replace 3 power generating units and autotransformers; Phase 2 (2024-2028) implies replacement of the remaining six hydropower generating units. Besides, the project implies replacement of auxiliary equipment, and dam rehab works. Once completed, the plant capacity is expected to reach 3300 MW.

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