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Since 1991 TempStroySystem corporation has been successfully working on the Russian construction market and takes a leading position in waterproofing of civil, industrial, hydraulic and transport structures.

Since 2010 TempStroySystem applies technologies of Carpi Tech SA (Switzerland), been its regional partner and contractor in Russian Federation and CIS.

Patented Carpi technologies serve for rehabilitation and new construction of all types of dams, cofferdams and underwater rehabilitation on the projects all over the world. Carpi and TempStroySystem specialists together design, supply and install geomembranes based on Carpi technologies.

TempStroySystem corporation has all necessary knowledge and experience in applying of patented Carpi Tech SA technologies for waterproofing of different kind of hydraulic structures and is able to develop on its own technical solutions based on these technologies as well as to realize them.

Up to the moment Carpi geocomposite waterproofing systems are installed on more than 250 hydraulic structures with total area more than 5 000 000 m2. The cumulative service life of installed systems is about 4000 years.


Universitetsky prospect, 51
Moscow, 19296, Russia

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Oleg Buldakov



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