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Uzbekistan intends to complete Tuyabuguz HPP by year-end

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Uzbekistan plans to commission the Tuyabuguz hydro power plant (HPP) at the end of 2018, Uzbek media outlets reported quoting a source in Uzbekhydroenergo.

The new HPP is built on the Tuyabuguz reservoir. Previously, here, the water for vegetation merged into the Akhangaran River, and after the introduction of the hydro power facility, it will be used to generate electricity. It will pass through a dam and two special underground tunnels, where modern Chinese units for energy production of Dongfang company will be installed.

“To date, we have fulfilled about 73 percent of the planned work on the project. The plant’s capacity will be 12 megawatts, the height of the reservoir is 30 meters, and the volume is 250 million cubic meters. According to experts, HPP will pay off within four years, as the units will produce electricity 11 months a year without a break,” the source noted.

The total cost of construction exceeds $ 16 million, of which 8.2 million fall for foreign investments and loans, and 8.09 million are funds of Uzbekhydroenergo.

It should be noted that within the framework of the special program in Uzbekistan, in the medium term, construction of 42 new and modernization of 32 operating HPPs is planned. This year, 10 projects are under implementation, the cost of the first stage is $ 364.6 million.

For example, in June and August 2017, the construction of a small hydro power plant at the Tuyabuguz reservoir, a cascade of small hydro power stations on the Big Fergana Canal, Kamchik small hydropower station on the Akhangaran River, Zarchob cascade of small HPPs on the Tupolang River was started.

According to specialists, the hydropower resources of Uzbekistan allow generating up to 27.4 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. At the same time, only 6.5 billion kWh or 23.7 percent of the entire hydropower potential of the country has been developed.

Source: Azernews


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