The countries of the Caspian and Central Asian regions currently possess installed hydropower capacity of over 75 gigawatts, the better part of which is still unutilised. As such, the share of untapped hydropower potential in Georgia today stands at 75%; in Tajikistan, over 91%; in Kyrgyzstan, 90%; and in Uzbekistan, more than 76%. At the present time, a majority of the active hydroelectric power stations active in the region date to the Soviet era, and would benefit from modernisation. Questions of further development in hydropower – construction of new hydroelectric power stations, modernisation of existing stations – are a priority for countries in the region. Successful solutions to these questions offer the opportunity of greater energy security – and therefore economic security and independence – to countries of the Caspian and Central Asian regions.

Receive more information on the potential of hydropower in the Caspian and Central Asia, and about investment projects in construction and modernisation of hydroelectric power stations.


Ross Palmer

Banker, Energy and Natural Resources, Russia, Caucasus & Central Asia


Overview of the hydropower industry in the Caucasus and Central Asian region

Roman Vorobyev

Manager of Business Development
Lahmeyer International – Tractebel ENGIE


Experience of Lahmeyer International/Tractebel Engie in the field of hydropower in Caucasus and Central Asian countries – case studies from Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan


What the key predictions and new development opportunities are in hydropower for the Caspian and Central Asia over the next ten years

What investment projects for construction of new hydroelectric power stations and modernisation of existing hydropower stations are planned for realisation between 2019-2025

What successful mechanisms for project realisation are useful in the development of hydropower in the Caspian and Central Asia region

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