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NeroDelta is a Canadian company offering superior solutions to modernize hydro and turbo generators that help you keep your power plant operating at full capacity.

NeroDelta’s automated production lines of Roebel bars and stator coils use industry leading manufacturing equipment from Vincent Industries.

We have successfully produced Roebel bars up to 8 meters in length with transposition options of 180, 360, 540 and 720 degrees.

Minimal human interaction with equipment ensures the highest quality results and level of precision on every product produced.

Due to automation and optimization of our operations, NeroDelta manufactures hydro generator parts at a reduced cost…allowing us to offer prices below our competition.

NeroDelta’s services include full design and manufacturing capabilities that deliver maximum performance and reliability.

Our experienced team provides hydro and turbo generator solutions for companies across the globe… Our custom hydro generator modernization services ensure the needs of each individual client are met.

Consistency and precision are the cornerstones of our success.

Whether you are looking to modernize your equipment or maintain your current hydro generator, we are here with a solution for you.


250 Yonge Street, Suit 2201, Toronto ON M5B 2L7, Canada

+1 (855) 960-0555



Oleg Buldakov



Andrei Semizorov

Commercial Director


Ruslan Khadonov

General Director


Petr Ulanov

Deputy Marketing Director

SPV ElectroMash

Petr Gaidyk

Technical Director


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