Flagship investment projects

Construction of three HPPs on the Pskem River

Capacity: Pskem HPP - 400 MW, Mullalak HPP - 240 MW, Upper-Pskem HPP - 200 MW

Timeframe: Up to 2030

Investment: over $800 million

Operator: Uzbekhydroenergo

Three HPPs are expected for construction on the Pskem River - Pskem HPP, Mullalak HPP, and Upper-Pskem HPP. The agreements on supply of equipment for the project were concluded with General Electric. In December 2018, there was an agreement signed with RusHydro on joint development of a feasibility study and FEED for the construction of the Mullalak and Upper-Pskem HPPs.

Construction of two HPPs on the Zarafshon River

Capacity: Total capacity is 320 MW

Investment: Over $550 million

Operator: Tad-Uz Gidro

The project on construction of facilities will be realised in two stages. The first one will build the 140 MW Yeowon HPP, which will generate 800 million kWh of power. The projected cost is $282 million. The second stage is expected to include the construction of the Fandaryo hydropower plant with a capacity of 135 MW and a cost of about $270 million, capable of generating 600 million kWh.

Yukori Pskem HPP and Karateren HPP

Capacity: Yukori Pskem HPP – 200 MW; Karateren HPP – 500 MW

Timeframe: 2030

Investment: $1.64 billion

Operator: Uzbekhydroenergo

Under the memorandum, Uzbekhydroenergo JSC and China Southern Power Grid International (HK) Co., Ltd. plan to set up a working group to develop feasibility studies for the projects. The parties plan to attract international experts. The commissioning of the HPP will generate an average of 3 billion kWh of electric power per year and save 835.65 million cubic metres of natural gas.

Construction of the Rogun HPP

Capacity: 3600 MW

Timeframe: 2033

Investment: Over $5 billion

Operator: Barqi-Tojik

The project implies construction of a hydropower plant on the river Vakhsh. The HPP is part of the Vakhsh Cascade, its upper step. The dam with a height of 335 meters will become the highest in the world.

HPP Cascade on the Ugam River

Capacity: 165,6 MW

Timeframe: 2024 -2026

Investment: $1.3 billion

Operator: Samruk-Kazyna

The project is aimed at the construction of a cascade of 10 hydropower plants. At the first stage, a group water pipeline from the Ugam gorge to Zhanabazar settlement is being designed with the construction of a cascade of HPPs. Seven of them are supposed to be built directly along the Ugam riverbed, and another three - along the group water pipeline.

Construction of the Kambarata HPP-1

Timeframe: Completion of construction is scheduled in 2030-2032. Commissioning is in 2028.

Investment: Over $2.5 billion

Operator: Electric Power Plants

The HPP must include 4 hydropower units. The volume of the reservoir is 6 billion cubic metres. It was planned that the realisation of the project would allow Kyrgyzstan to stop importing power.

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