Onsite visit to Farkhad HPP (GES-16)

About the project

Farkhad HPP (GES-16) is a hydroelectric power plant on the river Syrdarya close to the city of Shirin in the Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan (the main unit of the hydroelectric power plant is located on the territory of Tajikistan). It is part of the Naryn-Syrdarya cascade of hydroelectric power plants. From 1949 to 1970, it was the largest hydroelectric power plant in Uzbekistan.

The productivity of the power plant in the Syrdarya region has gradually decreased in recent years due to physical and technological obsolescence. As a result, instead of the designed capacity of 126 MW, it was only generating 104 MW.

During the reconstruction, four generators were replaced with new ones, which added 14 MW of capacity, providing electricity to an additional 30,000 households. As a result, the total capacity was increased to 128.2 MW.

The installed generators here are equipped with automation, requiring only one specialist for startup instead of the previous five. Furthermore, safety and reliability of electricity generation are now ensured. As a result of the reconstruction, the power plant's operating lifespan has been extended by 40 years.

The total cost of modernising the generating facility exceeded 58 million euros. Experts note that it will pay off within five years due to the reduction in water consumption and operational expenses. The modernisation was carried out by the Russian company "Power Machines."

The onsite visit includes transfer from Tashkent, lunch, a technical tour in the plant, and meeting with C-suite.

The tour will be guided by:

Abdumazhit Abdukayumov

Director of Farkhad HPP

Muzaffar Alimov

Chief Engineer of Farkhad HPP

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