WASSERKRAFT VOLK (WKV) is a leading Hydro Turbine manufacturer located in Germany. WKV Turbines and equipment have been delivered to more than 50 countries all over the world. WKV delivers and installs complete E&M packages from penstock to grid connection (at any voltage level). The WKV manufacturing includes all major hydro turbine types: Pelton and Francis turbines up to 35.000 kW, Turgo turbines up to 7.500 kW and Crossflow turbines up to 3.000 kW.

WKV manufactures also synchronous alternators with ratings up to 40.000 KVA.
WKV offers Hydro Turbines, Generators, Control Systems really MADE IN GERMANY.
From “small” to “large” Hydropower equipment – we are your partner for highest quality.

Please contact us:
WEB: www.wkv-ag.com
E-mail: [email protected]