Flagship investment projects

Construction of Khudaferin and Gyz Galasy HPPs

Total capacity of Khudaferin HPP is 200 MW, Gyz Galasy – 80 MW. It is expected that both plants will generate 716 million kWh that will be 50/50 shared (358 million kWh) between Azerbaijan and Iran.

Reconstruction of Mingyachevir HPP and Varvarinskaya HPP

China National Electric Equipment Corporation (CNEEC) will reconstruct Mingyachevir HPP and Varvarinskaya HPP in Azerbaijan. The experts of CNEEC are executing the works on replacement of 2 hydropower generation units at Mingyachevir HPP, and one hydropower generation unit at Varvarinskaya HPP.

Construction of three HPPs on the river Pskem

It is planned to build three HPPs on the river Pskem – Psem HPP, Mullalak HPP, and Verkhnepsem HPP. The agreement on supply of equipment was concluded with General Electric. Besides, in December 2018, an agreement was concluded with RusHydro on the joint development of a feasibility study for these projects, including execution of design and survey works.

Construction of 2 HPP on the river Zarafshon

The project for erection of the facilities will be 2-phased. Within the framework of the first one Evon HPP will be built with a capacity of 140 MW and annual power generation of 800 million kWh. Expected cost is 282 million US dollars. Phase 2 implies construction of Fandare HPP with a capacity of 135 MW valued at some 270 million US dollars which will be capable to generate 600 million kWh.

Construction of Rogun HPP

The project implies construction of a hydropower plant on the river Vakhsh. The HPP is part of the Vakhsh cascade – it is its upper part. The dam of the HPP will be the highest in the world with a length of 335 meters.

Rehabilitation of Nurek HPP

Nurek hydropower plant is considered the largest hydropower facility in Central Asia. Phase 1 of the project on rehabilitation of Nurek HPP is financed by the World Bank (225,7 million US dollars), Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (60 million US dollars), and Eurasian Development Bank (40 million US dollars). Phase 1 started in March 2019 by ANDRITZ HYDRO. The board of executive directors of the World Bank approved an additional grant valued at 50 million US dollars issued by the International Development Association for Phase 2. Full renewal of the plant will take 10 years.

Construction of HPP 19-22 on the river Shelek

The goal of the projects is to establish a manoeuvring source of electric power to be supplied in the deficient power system of the Almaty region.

Construction of Kambarata HPP-1

The HPP will include 4 hydropower generation units. Dam capacity is 6 billion cubic meters. It is planned that this project will help the country to withdraw from the importation of electric power.

Reconstruction of Chirkeyskaya HPP

In the course of modernisation, it is planned to replace major part of HPP equipment and to reconstruct hydrotechnical facilities thus boosting the plant’s capacity to 100 MW. The renovation of the plant with be executed within the framework of RusHydro’s Integrated Modernisation Programme.

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