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Flagship investment projects

Kambarata HPP-2

The project for construction and commissioning of the second hydraulic unit with the capacity of 120 MW and construction of ORU 500 kV. An agreement was signed on channelling funds from the Eurasian Fund for Stabilisation and Development. Construction and commissioning of the second hydraulic unit of the HPP is projected to commence in 2021, full commissioning is scheduled for 2024.

Uch-Kurgan HPP

Rehabilitation of Uch-Kurgan HPP, built on the river Naryn and holds capacity of 180 MW.

As planned, the project will be developed with financial support of the Asian Development Bank and Eurasian Development Bank. Reconstruction works are scheduled to commence in 2020 and total completion is expected by 2025.

Shurab HPP

Shurab HPP will be built 110 km to the east of Dushanbe. It will be a part of the cascade on the river Vakhsh. Projected capacity of the plant will exceed 860 MW, and the annual power generation at Shurab HPP will exceed 3bn kWh.

The preparations for HPP’s launch are scheduled for 2020-2024. Engineering works will be conducted in close association with the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, National Investment and Property Committee.

The construction of the plant will preliminary require $1bn.

Toktogul HPP

Rehabilitation of Toktogul HPP, which produces 40% of Kyrgyzstan’s electricity. Its installed capacity is 1200 MW. It is expected that the HPP’s will have a capacity increase of 240 MW and its operational life will extend to the next 35-40 years. Reconstruction implies replacement of 4 hydraulic units, power transformers, power cables, repair of building structures, etc.

Completion of works is scheduled for 2024. Project donors are Asian Development Bank and Eurasian Development Bank.

Three HPPs on the river Pskem

Building of three HPPs on the river Pskem – Pskem, Mullalaks, and Upper-Pskem. The Pskem HPP’s commissioning is expected before 2025 as well as 400 MW capacity.

Project development cost exceeds 800 mil dollars, the major part of which is invested by Uzbekistan.

The Mullaks HPP’s expected capacity is 240 MW and the Upper-Pskem HPP’s -- 200 MW.

Chirkeyskaya HPP

Modernisation of Chirkeysaya HPP, which will be completed stepwise before 2027. The project will see RusHydro’s investment in the amount of over 10bn RUB.

This programme implies replacement of hydraulic units, auxiliary equipment, increase in capacity of Chirkeyskaya HPP as well as two more plants – Miatlinskaya and Chiryurtovskaya.

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